Europe in Discourse:

Identity, Diversity, Borders


Hellenic American University

Athens, Greece 

September 23rd - 25th 2016



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Hellenic American University and the European Public Law Organization announce the:

2nd International Conference on Europe in Discourse

Agendas of Reform

September 21st - 23rd, 2018 in Athens, Greece

The 1st Europe in Discourse Conference on Identity, Diversity, Borders, organized in September 2016 by Hellenic American University, was a unique opportunity to talk about Europe and the challenges it faces. Conference participants discussed the deepening problems of an unending refugee crisis, rising populism and the transformative forces of a British exit from the EU. The outcome was a widespread consensus that what Europe will do in the near future to meet these and other challenges will shape its future for years to come.

The time is now appropriate to discuss solutions rather than problems:  Britain’s decision to leave the EU reinforced disintegrative agendas across Europe, making it painfully clear that European integration cannot be taken for granted. The pro-European French President Emmanuel Macron promises to re-launch Europe. He expresses hopes for Europe to find “new ambition”, and pledges closer cooperation with Germany. For her part, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has spoken of her agenda to draw up a "common road map" for Europe, and deepen social and economic reform across Europe. Although reform is a common denominator in the discourse of political and state actors throughout Europe, it is unclear what exactly this entails or how it can be achieved. There is no agreement on the Agendas of Reform that are emerging. What lies ahead for Europe depends on how effectively these agendas will be formulated and implemented.

It is against this background that the 2nd Europe in Discourse Conference sets out to discuss Agendas of Reform through the following topics:

  • Values-based Reform, from Enlargement to Legitimization
  • Completing the EMU
  • EU Security and Defense
  • The Franco-German Relationship
  • The Transatlantic Dimension
  • The EU and Islam
  • Greece and the EU

Agendas of Reform will bring together communication scholars, linguists, discourse and political analysts, journalists, politicians, policy makers, and legal, financial and economic experts to talk about the future shape of Europe. We believe that the results of this interdisciplinary dialogue on Europe can both illuminate and inform the agendas—and decisions—of those who “do” Europe.

Scientific Committee

David Block, ICREA/University of Lleida

Cornelia Ilie, Malmö University, Sweden

Evanthis Hatzivassiliou, University of Athens

Juliane House, Hellenic American University

Panagiotis Ioakimides, University of Athens

George Pagoulatos, Athens University of Economics and Business

George Prevelakis, Panthéon-Sorbonne University

Shaul Shenhav, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Piia Varis, Tilburg University

Franco Zapettini, Royal Holloway University of London


Organizing Committee

Stephen Bacigkal

Alessia Fiumi

Themis Kaniklidou

Ariadni Kopidaki

Ioannis L. Politis

Aggeliki Tzigkou

Leonidas Tzonis

Katerina Saich


Ms. Despina-Ino Afentouli, NATO

Ambassador Nicholas R. Burns, Harvard University

Professor Kevin Featherstone, London School of Economics

Professor Konstantinos Filis, Institute of International Relations

Professor Evanthis Hatzivassiliou, University of Athens

Professor François Heisbourg, International Institute for Strategic Studies

Professor Panagiotis Ioakimides, University of Athens

Professor Michał Krzyżanowski, University of Liverpool

Professor François Lafond, Adviser to Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs, FYROM

Professor George Pagoulatos, Athens University of Economics and Business

Mr. Alexis Papahelas, Executive Editor of Kathimerini newspaper

Professor Haris Papassotiriou, Institute of International Relations

Professor George Prevelakis, Panthéon-Sorbonne University

Professor Federico Romero, European University Institute

Professor Antonio Varsori, European Union Liaison Committee of Historians, University of Padua

Dr. Franco Zapettini, University of Liverpool

Call for Papers

Proposals are welcome as oral communications and themed panels.

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1st Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings are available below. Thank you for your contribution.

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