Conference Proceedings

The following are guidelines for submitting papers for publication in the conference proceedings.

Submitting Your Manuscript

Due to an increased number of requests we are extending the deadline for full paper submission to December 30th 2016. If you wish your paper to be included in the Conference proceedings please submit your full paper by that date using the form below.

Papers should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) and prepared according to the guidelines presented in the Europe in Discourse Proceedings Template.  Please review the template, which provides instructions on how to format your paper, a description of the styles for headings, and guidelines for adding references.

Download the EID Proceedings template.

The template is written and formatted as a sample paper. Thus, for example, the title of the document is formatted in the same style that you should use for the title of your paper.  The body text of the document is the set in the format you should use as the style for the body of your text. Likewise with the section headings, bulleted lists and references.

If you’ve already written your manuscript, you can import the styles from the EID_Manuscript_Template into your own document and apply the appropriate styles to what you’ve already typed.  If you haven’t written the manuscript yet, you can use the template document to type your paper on.