Hellenic American University's Cookies Policy

We use cookies on our website to manage browser sessions, to provide customized web pages, and to adjust content to suit your particular needs and interests. Cookies may also be used to gather anonymous, summary statistics that enable us to determine how the public uses our website and to improve the structure and content of the site. We cannot determine your identity from this information.

You can change your browser settings to disable some or all cookies, except those that are strictly necessary. You should be aware that some of the site’s functionalities work only with the use of cookies, so if you decide to disable cookies, these functionalities may not available.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data, storied in text files, that are stored on your computer when you visit a website. Cookies may store information such as the pages a visitor viewed, the date and time of the visit, and a unique random identifier. By using cookies, the site can store useful information and the user’s navigation in the site and retrieve this information to ensure a consistent and efficient experience for visitors.

What cookies do we use on our website?

Strictly Necessary Cookies

Strictly necessary cookies are essential for the site to function properly, for you to navigate and use its functionalities. Without these cookies, we could not operate the site effectively.

Τhird Party Cookies

These cookies are placed by third party providers on our behalf. These cookies enable us to collect data on your interaction with the site. These providers use the information stored in these cookies to generate statistics and improve your experience when visiting the site.

Functionality Cookies

These cookies are set to store preferences set by the user, such as user name or location in order to enhance functionality and provide personalized services. They may also be used to provide services a user requested, such as a video or use of social media. The information these cookies collect cannot be used to monitor the visitor’s navigation on other sites. If you block these cookies, the functionality and performance of the site may be affected, and you may not have access to certain content.

Social Media Cookies

These cookies are needed to connect your social media accounts with our website. For example, to enable you to republish or share content with your friends on social media or to follow our social media pages. Social media cookies are not necessary to navigate our site.

How do I manage cookies?

You can delete the cookies stored on your computer or other device you use whenever you want. You can also change the settings in your browser so that you are notified about the use of cookies in the services provided by webpages or enable you to block the use of cookies in all cases.

What are your rights?

You have the right of:

  • Access to your data
  • Correction or deletion of your data
  • Data portability
  • Restriction of the processing of your data
  • Objection to the processing of your data
  • Withdrawal of your consent for the use of some or all of the cookies and by extension of the processing of your data.

To exercise these rights, you may submit your request to Hellenic American University (436 Amherst Street, Nashua, NH 03063) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How can I find out more information about personal information collected by cookies?

You can find information on the protection of your data privacy, as well as your data privacy rights in the Hellenic American University Data Privacy Policy.

Where do I find more information about the use of cookies?

You can find out more information about cookies and how you can limit or block their user on these sites: http://www.allaboutcookies.org/  and http://www.youronlinechoices.com/gr/

Changes in this Cookies Policy cookies

This Cookies Policy may be revised at any time. We suggest that you revisit the policy regularly. This policy was put in place on July 3, 2018. In the event it is revised, the Policy will be marked with the date on which it was updated. Only the most recently revised version of the Cookies Policy is valid.