Conference Themes

The conference is a unique opportunity to bring together different perspectives and methodologies involved in shaping the complexities and contradictions of current European identity discourses. A fundamental methodological pluralism is key to address these complexities and contradictions at a time of crisis.    

The conference aims to bring together researchers interested in analyzing European identities in various discourses. Researchers from various disciplines will investigate historical, geopolitical, geo-cultural, geo-economic and social perspectives on Europe. The conference will invite contributions that explore the role of diversity and borders in forging and re-shaping European identities.

Conference Themes

Scholars will be invited to submit papers that draw on discourse theory or textual analysis to investigate topics such as:

  • Historical, geo-cultural, geo-economic and geopolitical aspects of European identities
  • Europe: super-diverse and globalized
  • Images of crisis and recovery in Europe
  • Conceptual blending, discourse and metaphors about Europe
  • Translation and linguistic (in)equality in Europe
  • Refugees and asylum seekers in EU discourses
  • European diversity through religion and culture
  • Discourses on the European economic crisis
  • Discursive constructions of borders
  • Political discourse in the European Union
  • Media constructions of European identities
  • Ethnographic approaches to European identity-making
  • Construction of European narratives

Proposals Received from 40 Countries

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