Pre-conference Events

Pre-conference events give you the chance to explore specific topics linked to the Conference in depth. They are stand-alone events yet connected to the Conference as they introduce to the public topics that will be further developed during the main event in September.  

We look forward to your attendance and active participation in the pre-conference events


Past Events

Vijay Bhatia on Interdiscursive Construction of Identity in International Arbitration

Friday, March 18th 2016

Dr. Vijay Bhatia, Professor of English at the City University of Hong Kong and visiting Professor in the PhD program in Applied Linguistics at Hellenic American University, will give a public lecture on the “Interdiscursive Construction of Identity in International Arbitration”.  In his talk, Dr. Bhatia will draw evidence from discoursal data (narrative and documentary) to argue that interdiscursive construction of identity across cultural, disciplinary, professional, or jurisdictional boundaries invariably results in contested forms reflected in discourse hybridity. He will also explore some of the key socio-critical issues and their implications for the future of arbitration institution as a non-litigative practice in international commercial contexts.  Further details on the Hellenic American College website.


Ruth Wodak on “The Politics of Fear”

Thursday, October 15th 2015

Ruth Wodak, Plenary speaker at the International Conference entitled “Europe in Discourse: Identity, Diversity, Borders”, gave a public lecture on “The Politics of Fear: What right-wing populist discourses mean.”

Professor Wodak addressed issues of inclusion and exclusion of migrants and refugees and described how these are renegotiated in the European Union (and beyond) on almost a daily scale. She also analyzed immigration policies across Europe from a discourse-historical perspective, and tried to answer the question why such right-wing populist parties and their slogans seem to be so successful.